Published papers

Exploring the structure of a real-time, arbitrary neural artistic stylization network (pdf)
Ghiasi, G., Lee, H., Kudlur, M., Dumoulin, V. and Shlens, J.
BMVC, 2017

A Learned Representation For Artistic Style (code) (pdf)
Dumoulin, V., Shlens, J. and Kudlur, M.
ICLR, 2017

Adversarially Learned Inference (webpage) (pdf)
Dumoulin, V., Belghazi, I., Poole, B., Mastropietro, O., Lamb, A., Arjovsky, M. and Courville, A.
ICLR, 2017

Deconvolution and Checkerboard Artifacts (webpage)
Odena, A., Dumoulin, V. and Olah, C.
Distill, 2016.

On the Challenges of Physical Implementations of RBMs (pdf)
Dumoulin, V., Goodfellow, I. J., Courville, A. and Bengio, Y.
Proceedings of the 28th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

A Fast Model for the Reconstruction of Spectral Solar Irradiance in the Near- and Mid-Ultraviolet. (pdf)
Bolduc, C., Charbonneau, P., Dumoulin, V., Bourqui, M. S. and Crouch, A. D.
Solar Physics, August 2012, Volume 279, Issue 2, pp 383-409

Workshop papers

Learning Visual Reasoning Without Strong Priors (pdf)
Perez, E., de Vries, H., Strub, F., Dumoulin, V. and Courville, A.
Machine Learning in Speech and Language Processing Workshop, ICML 2017

Not-yet-published and arXiv papers

FiLM: Visual Reasoning with a General Conditioning Layer (code) (pdf)
Perez, E., de Vries, H., Strub, F., Dumoulin, V. and Courville, A.
arXiv 2017

A guide to convolution arithmetic for deep learning (pdf)
Dumoulin, V. and Visin, F.
arXiv 2016

Discriminative Regularization for Generative Models (pdf)
Lamb, A., Dumoulin, V. and Courville, A.
arXiv 2016

Theano: A Python framework for fast computation of mathematical expressions (pdf)
The Theano Development Team
arXiv 2016

Blocks and Fuel: Frameworks for deep learning (pdf)
Van Merriënboer, B., Bahdanau, D., Dumoulin, V., Serdyuk, D., Warde-Farley, D., Chorowski, J. and Bengio, Y.
arXiv 2015

A Ballistic Monte Carlo Approximation of π (pdf)
Dumoulin, V. and Thouin, F.
arXiv 2014

Pylearn2: a machine learning library (pdf)
Goodfellow, I. J., Warde-Farley, D., Lamblin, P., Dumoulin, V., Mirza, M., Pascanu, R., Bergstra, J., Bastien, F. and Bengio, Y.
arXiv 2013